Lost Male Cat: Blk-Grey-Fawn Tabby with White Markings - black and red collar with tags
Last seen Sat Aug 5th, 2017 South of Garner (27603) on Pagan Rd (mid-way between 1010 Rd and Route 42) near the Bristol Subdivision. Murphy is a 4yr-old neutered male grey-black-fawn tabby with green eyes, a white chest and belly, white front mittens and white hind socks. He had a red and black... More
Posted July 16, 2019
Priestly is a 6 year old Tabby, no collar, is microchipped. Gray with white chest and 4 white paws. Her belly sags a little bit when she walks. She is spayed. She went missing on 6/1/19 from the Southpoint area in Durham. If you think you see her please take a photo and text anytime day or night. More
Posted July 12, 2019