Bridge Fellowship Start-up Gathering
Come Join us for some food, great community, worship in song, a short message, & prayer. Chill out, meet friends & get your questions answered.

We're a new church in town. Some people think that Church is reserved for "perfect" people. We DON'T! Even if perfect people existed...
Posted December 09, 2018
Bridge Fellowship Start-up Gathering
You know a lot of people have said that Raleigh doesn't need more churches, did you know that about 60 people move to the triangle every day. In addition, of those who actually attended church this past weekend, hundreds of them returned home horrifically unsatisfied. They're looking for more,... More
Posted December 02, 2018
"The STEAM Museum and Learning Center"

FREEBIES for the Holiday
2. Gift Wrapping
3. Holiday Crafts
4. Breakfast with Santa
5. Pictures with Santa
6. Holiday Fire Safety

Brierdale Shopping Center...
Posted November 28, 2018