Layla was last seen around 5-7pm on Saturday 11-18 on Saddle Creek Lane, Ridgewood Subdivision, off North Mineral Springs Road, East Durham. Layla is a spayed female, 5.5 years old, weight about 8 pounds, and has microchip. She has green/hazel eyes [a freckle in one eye], a white chest and... More
Posted November 22, 2017
Lost Male Cat: Blk-Grey-Fawn Tabby with White Markings - black and red collar with tags
Last seen Sat Aug 5th on Pagan Rd near the Bristol Subdivision (27603). Murphy is a 3yr-old neutered male grey-black-fawn tabby with green eyes, a white chest and belly, white front mittens and white hind socks (with some spots in his socks). He has a red and black collar with tags and is... More
Posted November 16, 2017