• In the Mood to Dance College

Many people may not be aware that teaching dance is a viable career, may not know how to go about it, or have suppressed their desire to make dance a major part of their life.

This course is the answer you have been looking for! Our commitment is to give you all the tools necessary to be a successful ballroom dance professional, regardless of your age or experience. The In the Mood to Dance College curriculum is designed to make your dream of having a career in dance come true.

Learn the technical elements, musical information, and history of each dance.
Learn the unique language and terminology used in ballroom dancing.
Hone in on your teaching skills through homework presentations, in class and written exams.
Learn how to teach group classes and private lessons.
Participate and assist in dance classes for the general public.
Find out what the competition world is all about.
Master ethical and effective sales practices designed specifically for dance teachers.
Discover what it takes to make teaching dance a full time career (we help with job placement)!

No Dance Partner or Dance Experienc Necessary! You do not have to become a Dance Insturctor to participate. All you need is the desire to pick up a new skill and challengae yourself to reach a higher level of education.

You can have a career you love!
Offered year-round.
Sessions start January, May, and September!

Your dream job starts here. Enroll today!

First Quarter Information: https://www.facebook.com/events/254614452003597/
Second Quarter Information: https://www.facebook.com/events/642338716144471/

For Inquiries or to Pre-Register:
Call: (919)-791-6136
Email: Office@IntheMoodtoDance.com
Website: www.IntheMoodtoDance.com
(919) 791 - 6136

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