• Non-profit Animal Rescue In Need of Donations

Adopt4Love Pets, Inc. a Non-profit Animal Rescue Organization can really use your help. They depend solely on Donations to operate and to save the lives of so many animals dumped in Kill Shelters each and every day. They primarily Rescue Pitbulls and Chihuahua's which happen to be the two most euthanized breeds of animals surrendered to shelters in the US, and occasionally other breeds as well.

They also take in many animals from individuals that have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses that may not have much longer to live, but care enough about their animals that they want to do what they can to help their companion find the best possible home, where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives so that they may have peace that in their passing that their beloved pet will be properly cared for when they are gone. .

They also take in animals from Deploying Military Personnel when they are moved or deployed and can't take their animals with them and place them in a Foster home until they are adopted and have found a new forever home. This is to Honor them for their service to our country and to give them another option than having to surrender their beloved companion to a local kill shelter with no guarantee whether they will be adopted or euthanized.

If you would like to lend a hand or support them there are many ways that you can help them out, they work really hard for the animals in their care and 100% of all Donations go directly to the animals and their care. No individual with Adopt4Love Pets, Inc. gets paid, benefits, or receives compensation for their work and the time they devote to their mission of saving or caring for the animals.

The largest expense they currently have next to medical is food. Food donations are always greatly appreciated and pickup can be arranged if the donation is worth the drive from their location or one of their volunteers locations. Rescue is a group effort and can be very rewarding knowing that your act of kindness can do so much. I have been volunteering with them since their very beginning, they are one of the few Rescues that I have encountered in my 20 plus years of Volunteering in animal rescue that no matter what, the animals and their welfare come first and foremost above all else, they are honest, dependable, humble, they will give you an honest answer and are always straight and to the point, unlike some I have seen they answer e-mails and return phone calls, and are always happy to help someone if they can.

Well, that is a little bit about them, if you would like to learn more you can visit their website at http://www.adopt4lovepets.us or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Adopt4LovePets. Below is a list of a few things that I know that they can always use, so help them out if you can, I know that they will greatly appreciate any and all support that they receive, I am so thankful for people like them that are willing to do what they can for the animals in need.

1. Dog Food
2. Old Towels
3. Old Blankets
4. Bleach
5. Pee Pads
6. Treats
7. Toys
8. Carriers
9. Wire Crates

If it is animal related chances are they can probably use it. Thanks so much for any and all support!

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